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Power of AI In Your Phone

Power of AI In
Your Phone

Mobile App for the
Care provider staff

The app allows the caregiver to

Solutions for all conditions 
Clinically Validated

Test modules are based on well established clinical research.
They include tests for
General Purpose
Active Adults

Results & therapy suggestions
Shared Securely

Test results based on real-word-evidence provide powerful insights to cause of physical condition. Results can be shared instantly but with consent and authentication. SeniorLife is HIPAA compliant.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
App Features

In addition to the diagnosis, report and history Remote Therapeutic Monitoring care includes special features such as

All you need is your
Mobile Phone

No need for

Select Test

Based on the condition & requirement choose a TEST module

Test Setup

App will guide you how to perform the various parts of the test

Get Score

Scores are available within minutes and can be shared with approved parties

Manage your own data on

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard features include

No personal information is required from the older adults that are tested by our software. The Admin can upload some information about the older adults(s) for its benefit – please check Privacy Policy for more details.